What is another word for resistant?

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[ ɹɪsˈɪstənt], [ ɹɪsˈɪstənt], [ ɹ_ɪ_s_ˈɪ_s_t_ə_n_t]

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How to use "Resistant" in context?

When you hear the word "resistant", what comes to mind? Many people would think of a hardy plant that can handle unfavorable conditions or a person who is resistant to a particular disease. However, there is a third meaning of the word that is also relevant to health and fitness.

Resistance training is a type of exercise that is designed to increase the amount of muscle that is capable of contracting independently. This is important because it leads to increased strength, which can help you perform tasks that you might find difficult or dangerous.

There are a few key principles to resistance training that are essential to achieving the desired results.

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