What is another word for warhorse?

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Warhorse is an archaic term referring to a heavily built horse used for military purposes. The synonym for warhorse includes destrier, charger, courser, steed, mount, and stallion. Destrier is a heavy warhorse with the ability to bear the weight of a fully armored knight. Charger refers to a horse ridden into battle by a knight. Courser is a fast horse that is agile and swift on the battlefield. Steed is a general term used for a horse used as a mode of transportation in battle. A mount is a horse used as a riding animal in military operations. Lastly, a stallion refers to a male horse, which was often preferred for their strength and endurance during warfare.

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    What are the opposite words for warhorse?

    The word "warhorse" refers to a veteran or an experienced soldier who has been through multiple battles. It is derived from the days when horses were used in wars. Antonyms for the word "warhorse" include novice, beginner, rookie, greenhorn, and newcomer. These words refer to individuals with little or no experience and are just starting their journey. Another antonym for warhorse would be pacifist, which refers to a person who believes in peace and is against war. Therefore, understanding the nuances of the language is important to choose the appropriate words to express oneself.

    Usage examples for Warhorse

    Could the spirit of that great soldier of fortune be consulted, however, I rather fancy that he would insist upon sitting his bronze warhorse, unprotected and unafraid, facing the bombs of the Austrian airmen just as he used to face the bolts of the Austrian crossbowmen.
    "Italy at War and the Allies in the West"
    E. Alexander Powell
    Veillantif, Roland's faithful warhorse, was enduring agonies from wounds of the Paynim arrows, and him Roland slew with a shrewd blow from his well-tried sword.
    "A Book of Myths"
    Jean Lang
    "To battle, Jeff," he replied, with one of those proud glances of the eyes which must be somewhat akin to the expanded nostrils of the warhorse when he scents the battle from afar.
    "In the Track of the Troops"
    R.M. Ballantyne

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