What is another word for antique?

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[ antˈiːk], [ antˈiːk], [ a_n_t_ˈiː_k]

Synonyms for Antique:

old (adjective) oldness (noun) Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Antique:

  1. reek, sleek, seek, leek, shriek, cheek, greek, squeak, sneak, peek, beak, streak, speak, week, geek, clique, peak, creek, sheikh, chic, sheik, wreak, tweak, freak, meek, leak, weak, teak, bleak, creak, pique;
  2. technique, critique, belgique, boutique, oblique, bespeak, unique, batik, physique, cacique;
  3. mozambique, dominique;

Quotes for Antique:

  1. Even if you have $20, 000 to buy an item, you still try to get a good price at antique stores. I collect furniture, rugs, paintings, frames. It's my hobby to go around to shops and markets. Ursula Andress.
  2. My wardrobe consists of antique clothes, many of my designs, plus shoes and shirts from Brooks Brothers and Paul Stuart. Calvin Klein.
  3. We had two grand antique professors who had been teaching at Lombard since before I was born. Carl Sandburg.

Adjectives for Antique:

  • various interesting.