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A foreman is a supervisory position in a workplace, responsible for managing a team of workers. Synonyms for the word foreman include supervisor, manager, overseer, headman, captain, superintendent, boss, chief, director, and lead. Each of these words denotes a person in charge of monitoring and directing the work of others. The term 'supervisor' is commonly used in bureaucratic and formal environments, while 'boss' is a more colloquial slang word. 'Captain' and 'director' tend to be commonly used in military and corporate settings. 'Headman' highlights the role of leadership, while 'superintendent' indicates a higher level of responsibility. Nevertheless, all these words are synonyms of the term 'foreman' and indicate a person in a high position of authority at work.

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A foreman is a management position in a factory, construction site, or other manufacturing plant. Foremen typically manage a crew of workers and direct their activities. They are sometimes involved in production planning and pricing decisions.

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