What is another word for up to snuff?

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[ ˌʌp tə snˈʌf], [ ˌʌp tə snˈʌf], [ ˌʌ_p t_ə s_n_ˈʌ_f]

Having the ability to express a word in various forms is an essential skill of any language. For instance, "up to snuff" is an idiomatic exclamatory phrase used to describe the quality, standard or capability of someone or something being excellent or satisfactory. Generally it means being fully prepared, meeting expectations, or meeting the necessary requirement. Some synonyms for "up to snuff" include "acceptable", "adequate", "competent", "equipped", "capable", "qualified", "proficient" and "up to par". Using any of these synonyms will enhance the quality of your communication and enable you to convey your ideas in a precise and clear manner in different settings.

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How to use "Up to snuff" in context?


Restoration of old building or enhancement of new construction to "up to snuff" is the best way to maintain high standards, protect environmental health and occupant safety, and communicate clear expectations to the public.

Both new construction and restoration necessitate diligent and thoughtful scrutiny to ensure that all aspects of the project meet the client's expectations and compliance with code, regulations, and historic preservation goals. Professionals involved in the process must have a clear understanding of the "up to snuff" requirements so that the finishing touches on the project reflect the greatest degree of quality and accuracy.

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