What is another word for minder?

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Minder, a word used to describe someone who takes care of, supervises or watches over someone or something, can be substituted with several synonyms. These include guardian, protector, caretaker, custodian, attendant, keeper, overseer, and steward. Each of these words carries a slightly different connotation. Guardian implies a legal responsibility for protection, while keeper suggests more of a maintenance role. Protector focuses on the act of shielding from harm, whereas steward implies responsible management. Overall, there are many options to choose from when searching for a suitable replacement for "minder" depending on the specific context and meaning intended.

How to use "Minder" in context?

What is a minder?

A Minder is a type of private security guard. They are mostly found in high-risk areas, such as parks, shopping centres and schools. They are licensed and regulated by the police.

What Do Minders Do?

Minders wear uniforms and carry weapons, and are responsible for the safety of people in their charge. They are usually assigned to one specific area, and are responsible for monitoring the area and reporting any suspicious behaviour to the police.

What is the Role of a Minder?

The role of a Minder is to maintain the safety and security of those under their care.

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