What is another word for well-liked?

Pronunciation: [wˈɛllˈa͡ɪkt] (IPA)

When it comes to describing a person or thing that is "well-liked," there are numerous synonyms at your disposal. Some of the most common options include popular, admired, favored, beloved, treasured, and cherished. Other choices might include celebrated, esteemed, acclaimed, revered, respected, and adored. Additionally, you might use terms like valued, esteemed, revered, venerated, or idolized to describe someone who is highly respected and admired by others. Whether you're describing a person, a product, or a company, finding the right synonym for "well-liked" can help you convey the popularity and esteem that the subject enjoys among others.

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What are the opposite words for well-liked?

The term 'well-liked' is often used to describe someone who is popular or admired by others. However, there are several antonyms for this term which mean the opposite. For instance, the word 'unpopular' can be used to describe someone who is not well-liked or admired by others. Similarly, the word 'disliked' can be used to describe someone who is actively disliked by others. Other antonyms for 'well-liked' include the words 'hated', 'reviled', 'loathed', and 'detested'. These words all convey a negative sentiment towards the person in question, highlighting the importance of being well-liked in social situations.

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Famous quotes with Well-liked

  • If you're a child of store owners, if you're brought up in a store, you learn good manners. You have to be genial, well-liked. You're not going to sell a customer if you're rude. You also get with different age groups, and different types of people. So be respectful. Being respectful is very important. You have to learn this.
    Gay Talese

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