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When it comes to synonyms for the word "sanctioned", several options come to mind. The term "approved" can be used in place of "sanctioned" to indicate that something has received official permission or authorization. Similarly, the word "authorized" suggests that a specific action or decision has been approved by the necessary parties. "Endorsed" is another synonym that implies official support, while "validated" suggests that something has been confirmed as legitimate. Finally, "ratified" can be used to indicate that a particular action or decision has been formally approved by a governing body or group. Overall, these synonyms provide several options for conveying the idea of official approval or sanctioning.

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How to use "Sanctioned" in context?

The topic of sanctioned gambling has been gaining a lot of attention lately. What is sanctioned gambling, and how does it differ from illegal gambling?

Sanctioned gambling is gambling that is done under the supervision of a regulatory body, such as the Nevada Gaming Commission. This is different from criminal gambling, which is gambling that is done without the oversight of a regulatory body. Criminal gambling is generally illegal in all 50 U.S. states, as well as in many other countries.

Most countries have a government-sanctioned monopoly on gambling. This means that only licensed casinos can offer gambling services.

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