What is another word for upscale?

Pronunciation: [ˈʌpske͡ɪl] (IPA)

When we use the word "upscale," we usually mean something that is expensive and luxurious. However, there are many synonyms for this word that can help us express the same idea in different ways. Some popular synonyms for upscale include high-end, top-notch, elite, premium, deluxe, luxurious, and posh. These words all convey the sense of something that is both sophisticated and exclusive. Other alternatives to upscale might include words like ritzy, swanky, or fancy, which suggest a more flamboyant or glamorous feel. Ultimately, the choice of synonym will depend on the context and tone of your writing or speech, and the specific message you want to convey.

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What are the hypernyms for Upscale?

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What are the opposite words for upscale?

The word upscale is often used to describe something luxurious, high-end or exclusive. However, there are many antonyms for this word that express the opposite meaning. A few of these antonyms include low-end, economical, modest, plain, simple, and basic. Low-end refers to something that is inexpensive and not of high quality, while economical suggests something that is affordable and efficient. Modest, plain and simple can be used to describe something that is unpretentious, without any luxury or extravagance. Basic refers to something that is fundamental, necessary or essential without any added features. These antonyms help to make the language more expressive by giving contrast to the word upscale.

Usage examples for Upscale

upscale part of this beautiful oasis.
"Life Blood"
Thomas Hoover
The house was in an upscale neighborhood.
John Moncure Wetterau

Famous quotes with Upscale

  • I kept bugging them about making it more upscale, because I felt Abby, through her cleverness and business sense, was a character who would move up. And that's what she did.
    Donna Mills

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