What is another word for Favoured?

Pronunciation: [fˈe͡ɪvəd] (IPA)

The word "favoured" can be used to describe something that is preferred or given special treatment. Synonyms for this word include "beloved," "cherished," "darling," "preferred," and "favored." Other synonyms for "favoured" can include "privileged," "advantaged," "blessed," and "favored child." Whether describing a person or a thing, using synonyms for "favoured" can add variety to your writing and help to amplify the significance of the object or person being described. Additionally, using a synonym can help to avoid repetition and keep your writing interesting and engaging.

Synonyms for Favoured:

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Usage examples for Favoured

Lord Kitchener thought that our position on the left of the French line at Maubeuge would be too exposed, and rather Favoured a concentration farther back in the neighbourhood of Amiens.
John French, Viscount of Ypres
All black and white they was, too, and Favoured they maw strong.
"Alec Lloyd, Cowpuncher"
Eleanor Gates
There was one spot I always Favoured during the early days of my stay.
"A Fluttered Dovecote"
George Manville Fenn

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