What is another word for yeasty?

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Yeasty is an adjective that refers to anything containing or resembling yeast. Some synonyms for yeasty include foamy, frothy, bubbly, fermenting, and effervescing. Other synonyms that can be used to describe yeast include puffy, fluffy, light, airy, and spongy. Yeast is often used in the production of bread, beer, and other alcoholic beverages, and synonyms for the word yeasty can be used to describe the properties of these products. Yeast is also used in medicine to treat certain infections, and synonyms for yeasty can be used to describe the characteristics of these medications. Overall, synonyms for yeasty include words that imply fermentation, lightness, and airiness.

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    How to use "Yeasty" in context?

    The word "yeasty" is derived from the Old French word "yeast," meaning "a leaven used in bread making." Yeasts are living single-celled microbes that ferment dough, beer, or wine. They are responsible for the production of carbon dioxide and ethanol, two gases that are important in bread making. In other words, yeasts help make bread rise and give it a good texture. They are also important in the production of some cheeses, such as cheddar.

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