What is another word for pungent?

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Pungent is a versatile word that can be used to describe many odors, tastes, and sensations. Some synonyms for the word pungent include tangy, sharp, acrid, biting, strong, spicy, savory, and zesty. These words help paint a picture of something that is bold, flavorful, and sometimes overpowering. Pungent aroma can come from strong spices or rotting food, while a pungent taste can be from a sour or spicy flavor. Understanding synonyms for pungent can help add more depth and nuance to your writing when portraying certain odors, flavors, or sensations.

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    Pungent is a word that describes something that is strong and spicy. In terms of food, pungent flavors can be found in things like garlic, onion, and chili peppers. Some spices, like black pepper, can also be pungent. Some aromas, like skunk, are also often referred to as pungent.

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