What is another word for tear apart?

Pronunciation: [tˌe͡əɹ ɐpˈɑːt] (IPA)

There are several ways to express the idea of "tear apart," which means to separate something into pieces or to severely criticize or damage it. One possible synonym is "rip apart," which suggests a forceful action that physically divides an object. Another option is "dissect," which implies a more careful and methodical approach toward breaking down an item into its various components. "Shred" and "mangle" are two other words that can convey a sense of destruction or fragmentation. Alternatively, "criticize harshly" could be used to describe the act of tearing apart an idea or argument, while "ruin" might be used to convey the idea of destroying something beyond repair.

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The term 'tear apart' implies damaging or destroying something. As the phrase has a negative connotation, its antonyms are often positive and constructive. Synonyms that convey this positive meaning include 'build,' 'create,' and 'construct.' Instead of tearing apart, an individual can 'assemble,' 'put together,' or 'join.' The word 'mend' can also offer an antonym as it implies repairing the damage that was done to something that was previously torn apart. Furthermore, 'harmonize,' 'unify,' and 'integrate' can serve as antonyms, as they refer to bringing things together instead of tearing them apart. By using these antonyms, individuals can focus on actions that promote unity and build connections instead of causing destruction.

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Famous quotes with Tear apart

  • "You cannot escape me!" he roared. "Lead me into a trap and I'll pile the heads of your kinsmen at your feet! Hide from me and I'll tear apart the mountains to find you! I'll follow you to hell!"
    Robert E. Howard
  • I will not accept boundaries; appearances cannot contain meThe mind is patient and adjusts itself, it likes to play; but the heart grows savage and will not condescend to play; it stifles and rushes to tear apart the nets of necessity.
    Nikos Kazantzakis
  • Not too many people work in a job where, waiting out there are three or four hundred people who are paid to tear apart what you've done. And often they are brighter than you are, or they know more about the subject than you do, or they wish they had written a book themselves, or done a lot better. Or they just don't like it! And you have to live with it. I have been very well treated by the critics in the long haul.
    James A. Michener

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