What is another word for beams?

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Beams refer to long and sturdy pieces of wood, steel, or other materials that support the weight of a structure. Synonyms for the word beams include joists, girders, rafters, supports, columns, pillars, posts, and pilasters. Joists are horizontal beams that support floors or ceilings, while girders are larger beams used in building construction. Rafters are sloping beams supporting a roof, while supports refer to any type of beam used to hold up a structure. Columns, pillars, posts, and pilasters are vertical beams used to support the weight of a building or structure. Each of these synonyms represents the critical role that beams have in construction and architecture.

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    There's something about beams that always make them seem so powerful and imposing. Whether it's the way they seem to easily support a large amount of weight, or the way they create a sense of width and openness in a room, beams always have a unique and striking appearance.

    Of all the solid construction elements in a building, beams are perhaps the most important. They provide the structure and support necessary for a building to remain standing, and they make it possible to increase the size of a structure without adding too much weight to the walls.

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