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The word "appears" is often used in writing to describe something that is visible or seems to be present. However, using the same word repeatedly can make the writing appear repetitive and dull. Synonyms can be a great way to add variety and depth to one's writing. Some synonyms for "appears" include "seems", "shows up", "emerges", "manifests", "materializes", "becomes visible", "comes into view", "presents itself", "takes shape", "takes form", and "comes to light". Each of these synonyms adds a slightly different nuance to the meaning of "appears", allowing for a more expressive and nuanced writing style.

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How to use "Appears" in context?

The word "appears" is a VERB and means "to become visible or manifest." It is used to describe the situation when something that has been hidden or invisible becomes visible or manifest. Appearing can also refer to the act of coming into existence or being made manifest. Something that appears often or suddenly can be startling or surprising. When something appears out of nowhere, it can be mysterious or worrying. In general, appearing can indicate that something is new or different, and it can create an impression of strength or power.

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