What is another word for truss?

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Trussing is a technique often used in culinary arts, where meat or poultry is tied up with the use of trussing twine or string to maintain its shape and promote even cooking. The word "truss" is also used in the context of architecture and construction, referring to a structural support designed to bear weight and provide stability. Other related synonyms for truss include support, brace, beam, frame, and scaffold. These words all convey the idea of providing structural strength and support to ensure the safety and stability of a building or structure. In the culinary sense, words like tie, secure, prepare, and dress are often used interchangeably with truss.

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    Truss, a word typically associated with engineering and construction, has a few antonyms to be aware of. One antonym for truss is "unfasten," meaning to release or loosen something that had been secured. Another antonym is "disassemble," which refers to taking apart something that was previously assembled or put together. "Loosen" is another antonym for truss, meaning to make something less tight or restrictive. Finally, "disorder" can serve as an antonym for truss, indicating a state of chaos or confusion in contrast to the organized and structured nature suggested by the term truss.

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    Usage examples for Truss

    Stuff the turkey loosely, truss, and roast, in a covered roaster.
    "The Myrtle Reed Cook Book"
    Myrtle Reed
    Urged by rude hands maid and youth were bound truss-wise with cords.
    James Huneker
    The helper was worthy of his title, and fetched the ale, and then, one seated on a truss of straw, the other upon the corn-bin, the two men finished the ale between them, and just at the time that James Bell should have been at Mrs Pontardent's gate, he was fast asleep in the stable.
    "The Master of the Ceremonies"
    George Manville Fenn

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