What is another word for irradiation?

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Irradiation, also known as radiation, can refer to the process of exposing something or someone to ionizing radiation in order to sterilize or preserve it. Synonyms for irradiation include exposure, emittance, emanation, and irradiance. Other related terms include irradiation therapy, which involves using radiation to treat cancer, and ultraviolet irradiation, which is a method of sanitizing surfaces using UV light. Additionally, irradiation can also refer to the process of heating food with high-energy radiation in order to extend its shelf life, which is sometimes referred to as food irradiation or gamma irradiation. Regardless of the context, irradiation generally refers to the act of exposing something to radiation in order to achieve a specific outcome.

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    Irradiation is a process by which energy is transferred from one atom or molecule to another by the action of gamma, beta, or x-rays. Irradiation can be used in industrial processes and in medicine to kill or injure cells.

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