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Bryozoans are sessile aquatic animals that form colonies of individuals called zooids. They are commonly referred to as moss animals due to their appearance, but they are not related to moss or plants. Some other synonyms for bryozoans include sea mats, sea moss, lace corals, and ectoprocts. The name ectoproct comes from the Greek words "ektos" meaning outside and "proktos" meaning anus, referring to the location of the zooid's anus on the exterior of their body. Bryozoans are filter feeders, meaning they trap small particles of food using their tentacles. They play an essential role in marine ecosystems by providing habitat and food for other marine organisms.

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The bryozoan is a Unique and Fascinating group of animals that have a long and storied history. These animals are considered to be "cellular creatures" as they lack a central nervous system and are composed of single cells. Bryozoans have a unique morphogenetic system in which they can transform their shape and form. They can also increase or decrease in size. While they are not typically found in fresh water, they have been found living in salt water, volcanic regions, bays, estuaries, and coral reefs.

Bryozoans are basically Jellyfish without the Tentacle.

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