What is another word for refine?

Pronunciation: [ɹɪfˈa͡ɪn] (IPA)

Refine means to improve, purify, or clarify a substance or an idea. There are several synonyms for the word refine which include - polish, perfect, hone, upgrade, improve, cultivate, rectify and enhance. To refine something is to make it better than it was before, and the synonyms for refine suggest the different ways in which improvement can occur. For instance, while polish implies a shining finish, hone implies sharpening a skill through practice. Therefore, choosing the appropriate synonym for refine depends on the context in which it is used, as well as the specific improvement being sought.

Synonyms for Refine:

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What are the opposite words for refine?

When we talk about antonyms for the word "refine," we refer to words that have the opposite meaning of refine. Some of the antonyms for refine include coarsen, corrupt, degrade, worsen, adulterate, debase, defile, and deteriorate. These words can help us describe situations where something ceases to become better or more refined. For instance, we could say that a company's reputation may degrade if it becomes embroiled in negative publicity, or the water quality of a river may deteriorate if industrial waste continues to be dumped into it. These antonyms for refine give us a way to express the opposite of improvement, allowing us to convey a range of meanings and nuances in our conversations and writing.

What are the antonyms for Refine?

Usage examples for Refine

The speaker gave a few illustrations of the sort of manhood and womanhood that is sometimes wrought out of that crude ore when the tempering of help and education is available to refine it.
"The Tempering"
Charles Neville Buck
If we see that the work done is artistic, and that the objects of nature analyzed are beautiful, this culture of the understanding may refine and elevate the taste, and beautify the fancy.
"Education in The Home, The Kindergarten, and The Primary School"
Elizabeth P. Peabody
For two thousand years the races of Europe had toiled to humanize themselves, school their character, equip their minds, refine their tastes.
"Prophets of Dissent Essays on Maeterlinck, Strindberg, Nietzsche and Tolstoy"
Otto Heller

Famous quotes with Refine

  • Poetry should help, not only to refine the language of the time, but to prevent it from changing too rapidly.
    T. S. Eliot
  • As critical acclaim and response has built up, every interview I give is a chance to puncture the myth I've created about my work and refine it.
    James Ellroy
  • Each of the Arts whose office is to refine, purify, adorn, embellish and grace life is under the patronage of a Muse, no god being found worthy to preside over them.
    Eliza Farnham
  • I hope to refine music, study it, try to find some area that I can unlock. I don't quite know how to explain it but it's there. These can't be the only notes in the world, there's got to be other notes some place, in some dimension, between the cracks on the piano keys.
    Marvin Gaye
  • Democracy makes us articulate our views, defend them, and refine them.
    Lee H. Hamilton

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