What is another word for consolidated?

Pronunciation: [kənsˈɒlɪdˌe͡ɪtɪd] (IPA)

Consolidated is a word that refers to the act of combining multiple entities or resources into a single entity or resource. Some synonyms for consolidated are merged, unified, integrated, amalgamated, and aggregated. These words are often used to describe corporate mergers or acquisitions, or the combining of assets or operations. Consolidated can also refer to the strengthening or solidifying of something, in which case some synonyms might be fortified, reinforced, strengthened, or secured. Regardless of the context or meaning, synonyms for consolidated are useful for adding variety and nuance to one's writing or speech.

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What are the opposite words for consolidated?

The word "consolidated" means to combine or merge something into a unified whole. Therefore, the antonyms for consolidated would be words that imply separation or breaking apart. These words include: divided, fragmented, dispersed, scattered, segregated, disintegrated, and disrupted. Using these words in place of consolidated would convey the opposite meaning and suggest the opposite action. For example, a company that has consolidated its operations to improve efficiency could be described as fragmented if it begins to split apart again. Similarly, a political party that has consolidated its power could be seen as disintegrated if it loses its unity and coherence.

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Usage examples for Consolidated

18. Sandstone is, as already remarked, merely consolidated sand.
James Geikie
The slags that cake upon the face or front of the stream roll down before it, and thus a kind of rude pavement is formed, upon which the lava advances and is eventually consolidated.
James Geikie
The cement which has consolidated my nature has only grown hard in the bracing atmosphere of a stirring, and active life.
"The Dead Lake and Other Tales"
Paul Heyse

Famous quotes with Consolidated

  • The EU should have consolidated its different presences and purposes in Kosovo earlier.
    Emma Bonino
  • I, therefore, demand the formation of a consolidated Muslim State in the best interest of India and Islam.
    Muhammad Iqbal
  • It's really hard in this day and age, with radio and MTV being so consolidated, to get new music out there. I think we've become a really legitimate, viable avenue for getting new music out there.
    Josh Schwartz
  • A movement is pioneered by men of words, materialized by fanatics, and consolidated by men of action.
    Eric Hoffer
  • The sword and the pen worked together. Power was increased by concentration in a few hands, specialization of function was enforced, and scribes with leisure to keep and study records contributed to the advancement of knowledge and thought. The written record signed, sealed, and swiftly transmitted was essential to military power and the extension of government. Small communities were written into large states and states were consolidated into empire. The monarchies of Egypt and Persia, the Roman empire and the city states were essentially products of writing.
    Harold Innis

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