What is another word for synthesizing?

Pronunciation: [sˈɪnθəsˌa͡ɪzɪŋ] (IPA)

Synthesizing is an important skill in many fields, including science, music, and writing. Synthesizing means to combine multiple sources or ideas to create a new, original product. There are a variety of synonyms for synthesizing, including integrating, merging, blending, compounding, fusing, and harmonizing. These words all describe the act of bringing separate resources or concepts together in order to create something new and unique. When synthesizing, it is important to maintain the original integrity of each piece while still combining them to achieve a unified whole. With practice, anyone can hone their synthesizing skills and produce exceptional results.

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Usage examples for Synthesizing

In some unknown way in the leaf, light has the power of synthesizing these into starch and setting free O, which is returned to the atmosphere.
"An Introduction to Chemical Science"
R.P. Williams
Thus, there exists a complete local source of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon, ideal for synthesizing various hydrocarbonic chemicals or making complicated polyethylene materials such as stellene, so useful in space.
"The Planet Strappers"
Raymond Zinke Gallun
A synthesizing retort exploded.
"The Planet Strappers"
Raymond Zinke Gallun

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