What is another word for Distent?

Pronunciation: [dɪstˈɛnt] (IPA)

Distent is a rare and unusual word that means "swollen" or "expanded". If you're looking for synonyms to replace it, you could use words like "bulging", "bloated", "enlarged" or "inflated". Other options include "expanded", "distended", "puffed up", "swelled up", or "blown up". Each of these words conveys the sense of something being enlarged or swollen, but the specific nuances and connotations of each word may vary depending on the context. Whether you're writing a formal report or engaging in casual conversation, it's always helpful to have a range of synonyms at your disposal to express yourself with precision and clarity.

What are the opposite words for Distent?

Distent refers to something that is enlarged, expanded or swollen. Its antonyms would be words that mean the opposite, such as contracted, shrunken or reduced. For example, if we talk about a distent stomach, the antonym would be a contracted or shrunken stomach. Similarly, a distent balloon would have the opposite quality of being deflated or shriveled. In medical contexts, distention refers to a condition where a part of the body is stretched beyond its normal range, causing pain and discomfort. Antonyms of distention in such cases would be words like normal, relaxed, or comfortable.

What are the antonyms for Distent?

Usage examples for Distent

Prone the runnels plunge, While earth, Distent with moisture like a sponge, Smokes up, and leaves each plant its gem to see, Each grass-blade's glory-glitter, etc.
"Life of Robert Browning"
William Sharp
The golden sash about his body Could scarce keep in his swollen belly Distent with honey-suckle jelly.
"The Two Twilights"
Henry A. Beers

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