What is another word for bulbous?

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Bulbous, when it comes to describing something not only sounds unpleasing, but it's not versatile either. There are several synonyms for "bulbous" that could be used depending on the context. For instance, the term "blobby" could be utilized when referring to a round or swollen shape. "Puffy" is another synonym that could be used to describe something that is swollen or bloated. "Rotund" is a good substitute for describing something with a spherical shape. "Curvaceous" is a great descriptive word that could be added to describe the curves of an object. A more abstract synonym for bulbous could be "Amorphous," which refers to a shapeless or undefined form.

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    How to use "Bulbous" in context?

    Bulbous is an adjective which means shaped like a bulb. It can be used to describe things like flowers, bodies, and fruits. Bulbous can also be used to describe something which is large and round.

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