What is another word for egotistical?

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Egotistical is an adjective that describes someone who excessively thinks about oneself. Some synonyms of egotistical are narcissistic, self-centered, and conceited. A narcissist is someone who has an overly inflated sense of self-importance and is obsessed with self-image and admiration. Self-centered describes someone who thinks only about themselves, not considering others' feelings or wishes. Finally, conceited refers to someone who has an exaggerated belief in one's ability or worth, often bragging and showing off. All these synonyms indicate negative traits indicating that the person is excessively absorbed and self-centered, without any regard for others.

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How to use "Egotistical" in context?

An egoistical person is someone who, excessively and without regard to anyone else, places their own desires and needs above all else. This can include inflated opinions of themselves and a deep-seated belief that they are superior to others. It can also manifest in an unwillingness to share any credit or appreciation with others, always taking all the credit for themselves. Because an egoistical person is only concerned with themselves, they can be very difficult to work with, as they seldom consider the feelings, needs, or interests of others.

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