What is another word for dividers?

Pronunciation: [dɪvˈa͡ɪdəz] (IPA)

Dividers, also known as separators or partitions, are used to create boundaries or sections within a larger space. These can be physical objects, such as walls or screens, or virtual separators such as tabs or folders on a computer. Other synonyms for dividers include barriers, dividers, fences, partitions, and screens. Each of these terms implies a separation or distinction between two or more parts of a whole. Additionally, dividers can be used to organize or categorize information or objects, making it easier to find or access specific items. Overall, dividers are essential tools for creating order and organization in both physical and digital environments.

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What are the hypernyms for Dividers?

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What are the opposite words for dividers?

The term "dividers" refers to objects that are used to separate or divide things. However, there are several antonyms or opposite words that can be used to describe the opposite of dividers. One possible antonym is "combiner," which refers to objects that bring things together. Another antonym is "merger," which refers to objects that unify or consolidate separate elements. In addition, "conglomerate" can be an antonym for dividers, which refers to a collection of objects that are gathered together into a single entity. Finally, "unifier" can also serve as an antonym for dividers, indicating an object that brings disparate parts or objects into a cohesive whole. Overall, these antonyms provide a range of options to describe the opposite of dividers.

What are the antonyms for Dividers?

Usage examples for Dividers

He went into the woods, and stripped great rolls of birch bark from the trees, carried them home, spread them out on the table, and plotted his lines with his dividers and ruler.
"Winning His Way"
Charles Carleton Coffin
Place a pair of dividers with one leg on Winnipeg and the other leg at Key West, Florida.
"The New North"
Agnes Deans Cameron
As these bulbs are an inch or more apart in the skin of the back, you have to spread the points of the dividers that distance.
"A Handbook of Health"
Woods Hutchinson

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