What is another word for awning?

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When it comes to keeping the sun and rain at bay, awnings are a popular and functional outdoor solution. But did you know there are other words that can be used to describe this type of cover? Alternatives to awning include shades, canopies, shelters, and marquees. Shades, like awnings, are typically made of canvas or fabric and provide sun protection. Canopies are similar but have a frame or structure to support the fabric. Shelters tend to be more durable and can be used in all sorts of weather conditions. Finally, marquees are large outdoor tents that often have an open front for events or gatherings.

Synonyms for Awning:

How to use "Awning" in context?

When it comes to architectural features, the awning is one of the most commonly used. This versatile accessory can be found on many different types of building, from homes and businesses to hotels and resorts. There are many different types of awnings, so it's important to choose the right one for the specific application.

When selecting an awning, it's important to consider the type of roof it will be installed on. Awnings are typically installed on gable roofs, but they can also be used on a variety of other types of roofs.

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