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Sector is a widely used term and is commonly associated with business, finance and economy. It refers to a distinct portion or a division within an industry. Synonyms for sector include domain, realm, field, sphere, area, zone and industry. The term is often used interchangeably with categories, branches, and segments. In the world of technology, sector is associated with storage, disk space, and security. In the military world, sector refers to a designated area where the troops must defend. While the usage may vary from one field to another, the synonyms remain the same, consistently referring to distinguishable portions of an industry, field, or space.

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    The sector is a categorization of economic activity into various sectors such as manufacturing, services, and agriculture. The sectors are used to track the health of the economy. A healthy economy has broad-based sectors that are producing goods and services that are needed by consumers and businesses. An unhealthy economy has sectors that are only producing goods that are needed by a small number of businesses and consumers.

    The sector analysis is an important tool for policymakers. It allows them to see how the economy is performing and to make informed decisions about how to stimulate the economy and create jobs.

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