What is another word for divvy?

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Divvy is a slang term used to indicate the distribution or division of something. There are several synonyms for this word that are equally usesful. One of the most common synonyms for divvy is "share." For example, "let's divvy up the pizza" can be rephrased as "let's share the pizza." Another synonym for divvy is "allocate." When someone asks you to divvy up the budget, they are essentially asking you to allocate funds accordingly. "Split" is another word that can be used in place of divvy, as in, "let's split the bill." "Apportion" and "distribute" are also words that are synonymous with divvy.

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Divvy, a colloquial term that means to share or divide something equally, is a unique word that doesn't have many direct antonyms. However, the opposite of divvy could be hoard, monopolize or keep all to oneself. Another way of expressing the opposite of divvy could be to split unequally or to be unfair in sharing. In contrast, the word share could be seen as a synonym for divvy, as it implies equal distribution among a group of individuals. Ultimately, while there may be no perfect antonym for divvy, the context in which it is used determines the most appropriate descriptor for its opposite.

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Usage examples for Divvy

If I put it through, we divvy up.
"Out of the Primitive"
Robert Ames Bennet
If they don't divvy up even they'll hev to change places with you.
"Amarilly of Clothes-line Alley"
Belle K. Maniates
"I'll hide 'em both till pa gets away, an' then I'll divvy up with Nan and Jack, and Ma and baby," was the ready answer.
"Sara, a Princess"
Fannie E. Newberry

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