What is another word for snag?

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When we come across a word like "snag," we often limit ourselves to its standard definition. However, the English language is full of synonyms that could spice up our vocabulary while giving us a second option to convey our thoughts. Some synonyms for "snag" include "hitch," "obstacle," "hold-up," "stumbling block," and "impediment." Each of these words can work in varying situations, offering a distinct tone or emphasis on the issue at hand. As we learn more synonyms, we can find new ways to describe the complexities of our lives and articulate our feelings in a more effective and nuanced way.

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How to use "Snag" in context?

Snagging is a term used in baseball to describe the action of catching a batted ball before it bounces more than once. In order to snag a batted ball, a player must be in the right position at the right time. The right position is close to the bat and in front of the ball. The right time is when the ball is in the air and about to bounce.

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