What is another word for shank?

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When it comes to finding synonyms for the word "shank," there are quite a few options available. Some popular alternatives include "leg," "limb," and "thigh," all of which refer to the appendages of the human body. Other terms that can be used interchangeably with shank include "stem," "shaft," and "handle." These words describe the long, thin part of an object, such as the stem on a flower or the handle of a tool. Additionally, "strap," "band," and "strip" can also be used as synonyms for shank in certain contexts, such as when describing a strap of leather that holds a shoe in place.

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    When you think of a shank, what comes to mind? For some, the image is of a sharpened piece of meat that is used to cut food. For others, the shank might be the bone or bone structure of a large animal, such as a boar, that has been cut off below the shoulder. Regardless of the image that springs to mind, the shank is an essential piece of anatomy for butchering.

    The shank is located between the shoulder and the knee, and is a long bone that is folded in on itself to make it narrower.

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