What is another word for drawbridge?

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A drawbridge is a type of bridge that can be raised or lowered to allow boats, ships, and other watercraft to pass underneath. Synonyms for drawbridge include lift bridge, bascule bridge, and vertical-lift bridge. In addition, there are swing bridges, which pivot on a central axis to allow passage, and retractable bridges, which slide horizontally to open and close. Some other lesser-known synonyms include pontoon bridge, timber trestle bridge, and moveable barrier system. Regardless of the type, drawbridges have played a crucial role in connecting communities and facilitating trade for centuries, and their usage continues to be widespread today.

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    Usage examples for Drawbridge

    Guarded by a drawbridge crossing that sharp space so that three men could well hold back an host.
    G. E. Mitton
    A narrow plank which in the center carries a drawbridge, runs alongside the main beam.
    "The Silent Mill"
    Hermann Sudermann
    On the drawbridge the two meet.
    "The Silent Mill"
    Hermann Sudermann

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