What is another word for drippy?

232 synonyms found


[ dɹˈɪpi], [ dɹˈɪpi], [ d_ɹ_ˈɪ_p_i]

Related words: wet droplet, dripping water, dripping roof, dripping noise, dripping sound effect, has a leak

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    Synonyms for Drippy:

    How to use "Drippy" in context?

    When someone says "drippy," what usually comes to mind is something being damp or wet. However, there is a word for when a liquid sprays out of a container in a powerful and forceful manner. This word is "spray." When a liquid "sprays" out, it is characteristically continuous, with a high velocity, and a large quantity. This occurs when the liquid is under pressure, either from a nozzle or from the temperature of the liquid itself. The pressure can be caused by the weight of the liquid or by the atmosphere.

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