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Leaky is a term that refers to something that allows liquid, gas, or air to pass through it. There are several synonyms that can be used to describe objects or situations that are leaky. Some of the words that can be used to replace leaky include porous, permeable, pervious, seeping, dripping, oozing, and weeping. Porous and permeable are good alternatives for describing materials that allow liquids or gases to pass through them. Pervious, seeping, dripping, oozing, and weeping are synonyms that are best used to describe liquids or gases that are slowly escaping from a container, pipe, or surface. These words can add variety and depth to a writer's vocabulary, allowing them to clearly and precisely describe a leaky situation.

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Leaky fixtures and pipes can lead to a slew of water problems in your home, including a flooded basement or even a broken water heater. Follow these tips to avoid a leaky home:

1. Check your water usage. If you're not using all of the water that's coming in, there's a good chance that water is leaking out of your fixtures and pipes. Follow your municipality's water usage guidelines to ensure that you're not wasting precious resources.

2. Be suspicious of old pipes.

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