What is another word for sickly?

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Sickly is an adjective often used to describe someone who looks or feels unhealthy, weak, or feeble. However, there are many synonyms that can be used instead of sickly. For instance, one could use the words frail, delicate, or fragile to describe a person who looks very weak and feeble. Alternatively, one could use terms such as unwell, ailing, or poorly to indicate someone who is feeling sick or unwell. Other synonyms for sickly include wan, pallid, and ashen, which describe a pale and unhealthy appearance. Ultimately, the most appropriate synonym for sickly will depend on the context of its usage.

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How to use "Sickly" in context?

The word "sickly" is typically used to describe someone or something that is unwell or prone to getting sick. In some cases, the word can be used as a noun to describe an illness or disease, while in others it can be used as a verb to describe being ill or affected by something.

There is no precise definition of what makes someone or something "sickly," and this can often depend on the individual or community in question. However, some general factors that could contribute to someone or something being sickly include being thin and frail, having a weak immune system, and/or having a high susceptibility to infection.

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