What is another word for earshot?

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Earshot is a term often used to describe the distance or range that sound can travel, but it is not the only word that can be used to express this concept. Other synonyms for earshot could include range, distance, vicinity, perimeter, reach, proximity, and even audible distance or hearing range. These words can all be used to describe the distance a voice or sound can travel before becoming inaudible. Whether communicating with someone across a room or listening for a faint sound far away, these synonyms for earshot offer a variety of ways to articulate the concept of sound distance.

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    How to use "Earshot" in context?

    In spite of name, earshot is not an actual hole that is drilled into the ear to allow an audio signal to pass through directly to the brain. In fact, the hole is very small and is located right behind the earlobe.

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