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Latitude refers to the geographic coordinates of a location on Earth, but it can also be used to describe freedom or flexibility. Synonyms for latitude include leeway, range, scope, flexibility, and freedom. These words suggest that there is some room for movement or maneuverability within a particular situation. For example, someone might have the latitude to negotiate terms in a business deal or the leeway to make adjustments to a project timeline. Similarly, being given latitude in a personal relationship could mean having the freedom to express oneself or make decisions without feeling constrained by expectations or norms.

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Latitude is a term used for describing a location's orientation or position on a system of latitude. Latitude is measured in degrees north or south of the equator, with 0 degrees north and 90 degrees south being the northern and southern limits. In the old Spanish empire, a line running from the north pole to the south pole was called the Zodiacal Line. The north pole is located at 0 degrees latitude and the south pole is located at 90 degrees latitude. Locations on the Earth that sit on the equator are located at 0 degrees latitude, while locations near the poles are located at much higher latitudes.

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