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Interviews are commonplace in almost every industry to assess candidates for positions or obtain information from sources. However, using the same word repeatedly can become monotonous. Therefore, one can use an array of synonyms for interview to lighten things up. Some alternative words that can replace interview include chat, conversation, interrogation, dialogue, inquiry, meeting, questioning, examination, survey, and discussion. For instance, instead of 'interviewing' a potential employee, one can 'discuss' the candidate's suitability for the job. Using synonyms adds variety and diversity to writing, making it more engaging and appealing to the reader.

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How to use "Interview" in context?

In an interview, an individual talks to another person face-to-face or over the telephone in an attempt to get information or to form a relationship. The conversation may be casual, or it may be more formal. The goals of the interviewee and the interviewer may be different. The goals of the interviewer may be to gain information, to decide whether to hire or promote someone, or to cultivate a relationship. The goals of the interviewee may be to find a job, to get a promotion, or to establish a relationship.

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