What is another word for exhalation?

Pronunciation: [ɛkshɐlˈe͡ɪʃən] (IPA)

Exhalation is the process of breathing out air from the body. It can also be referred to as breathing, expiration, or exhaling. Exhalation is the opposite of inhalation or breathing in air. It is an important part of the respiratory system that helps in the exchange of gases in the body. Other synonyms for exhalation include emission, discharge, release, and expulsion. These words also refer to the act of breathing out air or releasing gases from the body. Exhalation is an essential bodily function that aids in maintaining a healthy respiratory system. Proper breathing techniques and exercises can help improve exhalation and overall respiratory health.

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Usage examples for Exhalation

But no sooner had the door closed on Mrs. Lovenant-Smith's back than the pent-up general breath escaped again in a fluttering exhalation.
"The Story of Louie"
Oliver Onions
As his deep-held breath came with long exhalation from his chest, Asa walked steadily down the aisle-while Tom Carr went to meet him half way.
"The Tempering"
Charles Neville Buck
A thick haze encircled the moon, and under it a denser exhalation began to creep up from the sodden land.
"The Blue Pavilions"
Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch

Famous quotes with Exhalation

  • In the inhalation and exhalation there is an energy and a lively divine spirit, since He, through his spirit supports the breath of life, giving courage to the people who are in the earth and spirit to those who walk on it.
    Michael Servetus
  • He had gone to several universities . . . and had found only curves and credits. He had become drunk on the idea of God and found only theology. He had risen several times on the subtle and powerful wings of lust, expectant of magnificence, achieving only discharge. A few times he had extended friendship with palpitating hope, only to find that no one quite knew what he had in mind. His solitude now was the result of his metabolism, that constant breathing in of joy and exhalation of sadness.
    Edward Lewis Wallant
  • Have you noticed anything strange about him? Strange? We humans insist on inhabiting a charnel ground - isn't that strange enough for spiritual creatures without splitting hairs? He seems to be two different men. His personality switches from moment to moment. Only two? Perhaps there is something wrong with your eyes. Look more closely and you will see he changes with every exhalation. So do I. So do you."
    John Burdett

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