What is another word for emit?

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" Emit" is a verb that means to release or give out something. There are several synonyms that can be used instead of the word "emit". These includes "discharge," meaning to release something or let something out, "exhale," meaning to breathe out, "emanate," meaning to come forth or originate from a source, "radiate," meaning to send out energy or particles, "excrete," meaning to release waste products from the body, and "gush," meaning to rush out in a sudden and forceful way. By using these synonyms, a writer can add variety and depth to their writing while still conveying the same meaning.

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How to use "Emit" in context?

Emit is an verb meaning "to emit," "to send out," or "to broadcast." In grammar, emit is used in contexts such as to express volition, to indicate intent, and to report the occurrence of an event. Emitted particles, radiation, and sound are all forms of energy that are released when something undergoes a change, such as when an object is heated, smashed, or detonated.

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