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Pronunciation: [fˌɜːtɪla͡ɪzˈe͡ɪʃən] (IPA)

Fertilization, a term common in agriculture, horticulture, and biology, can also be referred to by other words like pollination, insemination, fructification, and fruiting. Pollination is the transfer of pollen from one flower to another using insects or the wind, while insemination refers to the process of combining the egg and sperm in animals. Fructification is the development of fruits after pollination or fertilization. And fruiting is the maturation and production of fruits, usually as a result of successful pollination. These words are used interchangeably depending on the context, but all describe the vital process necessary for the continuation of life in plants and animals.

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Usage examples for Fertilization

Although the climate of Europe, as a whole, is better for this vegetable than that of the United States, the greater success with the cauliflower there is due largely to the greater care exercised in choosing proper soil, in fertilization, and in irrigation.
"The Cauliflower"
A. A. Crozier
These cover varieties, planting dates, adequate area, fertilization, rotation of crops and storage.
"A Living from the Land"
William B. Duryee
Dynamic power is the power that explodes men, so to speak, into physical or spiritual action, that operates by inspiration, expansion, fertilization, vitalization, and results in the living of a fuller life.
"Horace and His Influence"
Grant Showerman

Famous quotes with Fertilization

  • Each year thousands of embryos, no bigger than the head of a pin, are created in the process of in vitro fertilization, with the support of Congress, by the way.
    Lois Capps
  • Because I am not formally trained in the medical sciences, I can bring in new ideas to AIDS research and the cross-fertilization of ideas from different fields could be a valuable contribution to finding the cure for AIDS.
    Philip Emeagwali
  • Nobody knew in advance that in vitro fertilization would be, by and large, safe.
    Leon Kass
  • There are, as is known, insects that die in the moment of fertilization. So it is with all joy: life's highest, most splendid moment of enjoyment is accompanied by death.
    Soren Kierkegaard
  • You cannot be against embryonic stem cell research and be intellectually and therefore morally consistent, if you're not also against in vitro fertilization.
    Ron Reagan

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