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There are various synonyms for the word "germination". Some of the popular ones include "sprouting", "establishment", "growth", "propagation" and "budding". Germination chiefly refers to the process of seedling development, that is, the transformation of a dormant seed into a sprout, typically in soil. The growth of seeds depend on various factors like moisture, pH level of the soil, temperature, and oxygen. Synonyms for germination are commonly used in both science and everyday life contexts. For instance, in plant science, the term "emergence" is often used to describe the process of germination. Understanding these synonyms can deepen one's knowledge of the growth process of plants.

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How to use "Germination" in context?

When plants grow and reproduce, they do so by germination. This is the process by which a seed comes to life, turning from a dormancy state into a plant. There are four general steps in the germination process: dryness, cracking, release of energy, and growth.

Under normal conditions, seeds need to be wet to germinate. Almost all seeds will germinate if exposed to temperatures near the soil surface, but some, such as alfalfa, can germinate in drier soils. Once a seed has germinated, the process of growth and development begins.

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