What is another word for goner?

Pronunciation: [ɡˈɒnə] (IPA)

"Goner" is a slang term used to describe someone who is in a hopeless situation or past the point of recovery. Some synonyms for "goner" include "doomed," "finished," "ruined," "unsalvageable," and "washed-up." Other similar words might include "irreparable," "irredeemable," "exhausted," and "spent." Depending on the context, different synonyms may be more appropriate than others. For example, someone who has just lost their job might be described as "down on their luck" or "struggling," whereas someone with a terminal illness might be seen as "terminal" or "terminally ill." Ultimately, the choice of synonym depends on the specific situation and the writer's intention.

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What are the opposite words for goner?

The term "goner" refers to someone who is doomed or certain to fail. However, there are a few antonyms or opposite words to this term. One such word is "survivor." A survivor is someone who has overcome a difficult situation or disaster and come out successfully. Another word that is opposite to "goner" is "winner." A winner is someone who has succeeded in a competition, task or goal. Similarly, the word "thriver" can also be used as an antonym to "goner." A thriver refers to someone who flourishes or prospers despite adverse circumstances. Thus, there are several words that are antonyms to "goner" and describe those who have overcome setbacks and succeeded in life.

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Usage examples for Goner

Alf, I'm a goner-a clean goner.
"Dixie Hart"
Will N. Harben
You are a dead goner if you don't get that paper.
"Dixie Hart"
Will N. Harben
"He's a goner," was her criticism.
"The Mark Of Cain"
Andrew Lang

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