What is another word for irrevocable?

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Irrevocable is a word used to describe something that cannot be undone or changed. Synonyms for the word include irreversible, permanent, final, unalterable, fixed, and immutable. These words all convey the same sense of something that is set in stone and cannot be undone. Other synonyms for irrevocable might include inescapable, inevitable, and irreversible. All of these words underscore the idea that once something has been set in motion, it cannot be stopped or changed. While irrevocable can be a powerful and sometimes scary concept, it can also be reassuring to know that some things are beyond our control and cannot be undone.

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How to use "Irrevocable" in context?

Irrevocable means "unable to be undone" or "not subject to recall or revision." When a contract or other legally binding agreement is irrevocable, no matter what might happen between the parties after it's been signed, the agreement is considered to be final. This can be a major advantage for both parties, as it means that any disputes or disagreements that might arise during the agreement's execution can't be settled or changed later.

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