What is another word for dead body?

Pronunciation: [dˈɛd bˈɒdi] (IPA)

The phrase "dead body" is one that brings up vivid and often difficult images. If you're looking for synonyms to use in its place, there are several options available. For example, the phrase "cadaver" can be used to describe a deceased body, as can the term "corpse." One can also use the phrase "remains," "deceased," or "the departed" to describe a person who has passed away. Depending on the context and tone desired, other terms like "lifeless form," "expired individual," or "fallen comrade" may also be appropriate. Finally, some people may choose to use slang terms like "stiff" or "meat" to describe a deceased individual, though these phrases are often considered disrespectful.

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Famous quotes with Dead body

  • I've seen a dead body, I've seen some pretty gruesome fist fights, I've been a hunter since I was a child, though I don't anymore, I've gutted wild game.
    George Eads
  • Television broadcasts have, in the main, been more suggestive, less specific, more distant in their images than the print press: often you knew that lump was a dead body only because a chattering reporter told you it was.
    Bruce Jackson
  • Restrict high capacity magazines and clips and we say “over my dead body.”  Restrict the Body of Christ and we say little to nothing.
    Everett Piper
  • Through butchering, animals become absent referents. Animals in name and body are made absent for meat to exist. Animals' lives precede and enable the existence of meat. If animals are alive they cannot be meat. Thus a dead body replaces the live animal. Without animals there would be no meat eating, yet they are absent from the act of eating meat because they have been transformed into food.
    Carol J. Adams
  • That Elizabeth-Jane Farfrae be not told of my death, or made to grieve on account of me. And that I be not bury'd in consecrated ground. And that no sexton be asked to toll the bell. And that nobody is wished to see my dead body. And that no murners walk behind me at my funeral. And that no flours be planted on my grave. And that no man remember me.
    Thomas Hardy

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