What is another word for despairing?

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Despairing is a word that describes a feeling of hopelessness and loss of faith in oneself or in the world. Synonyms for despairing include dejected, despondent, hopeless, forlorn, and crestfallen. Dejected and despondent are often used interchangeably with despairing, as they all suggest a feeling of deep sadness and hopelessness. Forlorn suggests a sense of abandonment and isolation. Hopeless suggests an absence of any possibility of change or improvement. Crestfallen implies a feeling of disappointment and defeat. Overall, the synonyms for the word despairing capture the emotional state of feeling lost, defeated, and without hope.

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How to use "Despairing" in context?

The word "despair" can mean different things to different people. To some, it may describe feeling down in the dumps, despondent, and discouraged. To others, despair may be experienced as an overwhelming feeling of emptiness or hopelessness. In some cases, people may also use the term to describe a feeling of giving up or being resigned to a surmounted situation. Interestingly, the Oxford English Dictionary defines the word "despair" as: "a feeling of great loneliness and misery; the main symptoms being a sense of despair and a loss of hope.

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