What is another word for gormandize?

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There are many synonyms for the word "gormandize," which means to eat greedily or excessively. Some examples include "gluttonize," "binge," "overindulge," "stuff oneself," "eat like a pig," and "gorge." These words all describe a person who eats too much and often do so in an uncontrolled way. While some of these synonyms carry negative connotations, others may simply describe a person who enjoys food and eats a lot without necessarily being unhealthy or gluttonous. Regardless, using these synonyms in your writing can add variety and depth to your vocabulary.

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    Gormandizing is a word used to describe the habitual practice of eating mind-boggling quantities of food. Some posit that the word takes its root in the old Norse word gorm, meaning «gaping mouth». Some say that the practice of gormandizing developed to cure a gaping stomach. Today, gormandizing is considered an extreme form of overeating and can beget obesity, heart disease, stroke and even death.

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