What is another word for extort?

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Extortion is a criminal offense that involves obtaining money, property or services by using force or threats. The word extort has a range of synonyms that describe the similar acts of blackmail, coerce, bully, threaten, and intimidate. These words are often used interchangeably with extort and each carries slightly different shades of meaning. The term blackmail implies the use of personal information or secrets to extort money or favors. To coerce someone is to use force or manipulation to make them comply with your demands. Bullying and insisting carry the implication of using insults or verbal abuse to intimidate and demand compliance. Threatening and intimidating imply the use of fear or threats to gain control over someone or something.

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    Extort means to force or compel someone to do something against their will or to obtain something by threatening or using force. The antonyms of the word extort are to give, offer, or to surrender. To give refers to voluntarily transferring ownership or possession of something to another person without compulsion or force. Offer means to present something for consideration or acceptance. To surrender means to give up or yield to someone willingly or voluntarily, without coercion. The opposite of extort is to act with integrity, to negotiate fairly, or to cooperate willingly, which are examples of positive behaviors that are encouraged in modern society.

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    I know that it must all have seemed to you abominable-as though I were making use of this illness of mine to extort a promise from you, as though just because I'm weak and feeble I can hold an advantage over you.
    Hugh Walpole
    This question seemed brutal; but there was something that irritated me in the softness of her resignation, and I wished to extort from her some expression of impatience.
    "Four Meetings"
    Henry James
    If this fail to extort a confession, he is singed to death with red-hot stones.
    "The Ethnology of the British Colonies and Dependencies"
    Robert Gordon Latham

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