What is another word for engorge?

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[ ɛnɡˈɔːd͡ʒ], [ ɛnɡˈɔːd‍ʒ], [ ɛ_n_ɡ_ˈɔː_dʒ]

Synonyms for Engorge:

How to use "Engorge" in context?

Engorge is defined as a word meaning to fill or glut. The word has a few different meanings, all pertaining to the act of overeating or stuffing oneself. In particular, engorge can refer to the act of overeating or stuffing oneself with food, as well as the state of being full or stuffed to the point of being uncomfortably large. Engorge can also refer to the state of being overly saturated with something, such as a liquid.

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