What is another word for constrict?

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Constrict, meaning to squeeze or tighten, has a plethora of synonyms that can be used to convey a similar meaning. Some of the synonyms of this word include compress, contract, cramp, constringe, pinch, shrink, and narrow. These words are ideal when describing physical discomfort or limitation, such as a constricting band around the head or a narrowing of the air passages. However, they can also be used figuratively when describing social or emotional constraints, such as a constricting social circle or a narrowing of one's worldview. Whatever the context, synonyms for constrict can help to add depth and variety to one's writing and communication.

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    Constrict means to make something narrower or tighter. The antonyms for constrict are words that mean to enlarge, expand, or loosen. Some examples of antonyms for constrict include widen, dilate, loosen, expand, open, relax, and release. These words suggest the opposite of constricting or compressing. For instance, while constrict means to narrow down, widen means to expand or broaden. Dilate, on the other hand, means to enlarge or expand in width or circumference. Similarly, loosening something means to remove or reduce its tightness, whereas expanding and opening connote freedom and accessibility. Altogether, the antonyms for constrict offer a range of meaning that express the opposite of restriction, compression, or tightening.

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    Usage examples for Constrict

    Lanyard felt with a spasm of anger constrict his throat; and knew that the restraint he imposed upon his temper was betrayed in a reddened face.
    "Alias The Lone Wolf"
    Louis Joseph Vance
    He knew them only as lendings apt to constrict him a little when he got them on, and to rouse in his mother a tendency to make unwelcome remarks about his personal charms.
    "Country Neighbors"
    Alice Brown
    Three times my length, strong enough to constrict to death a giant, wily enough to seek the cover of the matted roots of the tree, several points were in favour of the snake.
    "Tropic Days"
    E. J. Banfield

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