What is another word for ill-judged?

Pronunciation: [ˈɪld͡ʒˈʌd͡ʒd] (IPA)

"Ill-judged" refers to an action or decision that is made with poor judgement, resulting in negative consequences. Some synonyms for "ill-judged" include "unwise," "foolish," "ill-considered," "imprudent," "reckless," "thoughtless," and "hasty." These words all convey a sense of making a decision without properly weighing the options or considering the potential outcomes. They imply a lack of forethought and planning, which can lead to regretful or harmful consequences. It's important to think carefully before making important decisions in order to avoid the negative effects of ill-judged choices.

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What are the opposite words for ill-judged?

The antonyms for "ill-judged" would be "well-judged," "prudent," "wise," "thoughtful," and "sensible." Using these words would suggest that the decision was made after careful consideration and evaluation of all available information. These antonyms connote that the decision-maker had a good grasp of the situation and was able to make a sound decision. They would also connote that the decision had a positive outcome. Choosing words with positive meanings such as these would provide a clear contrast to the negative associations that "ill-judged" brings, and would highlight the positive qualities of the decision-making process.

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